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 I want to become an Officer!

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PostSubject: I want to become an Officer!   Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:11 pm

Becoming an officer isn't particularly hard nor is it a cake walk.
All you have to do, is find one or two parts of the clan to take responsibility for.
This can be practically anything, as long as it's productive towards the clan.
If you fail to produce anything of use for HoA, you will be demoted back to an Enlisted Member.
The President or Vice-President will inquire about your progress regularly.

You can bring up unique suggestions, such as "making a recruitment video" or "clan morale".
Although, we'll most likely be specializing in other areas for officers.

Here's a small list of what we could use:

Recruitment Officers:
Members that focus on getting quality individuals to join HoA.

Scrim Officers:
Members that manage clan scrims in certain games.
These individuals manage our scrim teams and are often a part of scrims.

Website Admins:
Administrators for the HoA website.
They help keep the site organized, clean and updated.

Server Donators:
An HoA member that donates a stable server are automatically promoted to Officer.

Server Officers:
Server admins that populate and manage HoA servers, they keep our servers fun.

Remember, it doesn't just have to be one the above. Come up with a way that YOU can greatly help.
Who knows, maybe you're the next best thing!
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I want to become an Officer!
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